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Panzer VIII Maus ('World of Tanks') - Lego compatible COBI 3024 - 890 brick heavy tank

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The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus ("Mouse") was a German super heavy tank completed in late 1944. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built. Five were ordered, but only two hulls and one turret were completed before the testing grounds were captured by the advancing Soviet forces.

These two prototypes – one with, and the other without a turret – underwent trials in late 1944. The complete vehicle was 10.2 metres long and weighed 188 metric tons. The Maus's main armament was the Krupp-designed 128 mm KwK 44 L/55 gun. This gun was powerful enough to destroy all Allied armoured fighting vehicles then in service, some at ranges exceeding 3,500 metres (2.2 miles).

The principal problem in the design of the Maus was developing an engine and transmission powerful enough to propel the tank, yet small enough to fit inside it. 

The Maus was intended to punch holes through enemy defences in the manner of an immense 'breakthrough tank', whilst taking almost no damage to any components.

This brick model is equipped with a movable cannon, operable back bonnet and turret trap door, 1 figure and binoculars.

  • 890 bricks
  • We have both the old version and the new version of this set available, please specify which version you require on your order
  • 1 figure – German tank commander
  • Bricks with pad printing
  • A sheet of stickers with emblems and inscriptions in German
  • Easy to follow instruction manual.
  • World of Tanks game code
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions: 385mm x 145mm x 125mm (length x width x height)

Read more about the Panzer VIII Maus on Wikipedia.


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