PZKPFW V Panther W ('World of Tanks') - COBI 3035 - 505 brick medium tank

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"This kit is fantastic! A really good looking panther. As per usual, an absolute pleasure to build, excellent instructions & the tracks work even on smooth surfaces." ~ Mark W.

“One of the best looking tanks of World War Two and this model captures that brilliantly.” ~ Jake C

  • 505 bricks
  • 1 figure: polish tank crew
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks 
  • Model dimensions: 290mm x 105mm (length x height)

This is a historically accurate model of one of two brand new Panther G tanks captured by polish fighters during the early stages of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

The Panzerkampfwagen V (or Panther) was a German medium tank deployed during World War II on the Eastern and Western Fronts in Europe from mid-1943 to 1945, during which period about 6,000 were manufactured. It was intended to replace Panzers III and IV and counter the Soviet T-34. However, it served alongside the Panzers and the heavier Tiger I until the end of the war. In the fields of firepower and protection there was little match it. The Panther had more or less the same engine as the Tiger I but had tougher frontal hull armour and superior penetrative firepower, it was also lighter and faster and better on rough terrain than the heavier Tiger. But its side-armour was weaker making it vulnerable to flanking fire. It was at its best fighting in open country and in long range engagements, close engagements suited it less. The Panther was armed with a 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 gun and two MG34 machine guns.

This model has a rotating turret and machine gun with barrels that move up and down, operable bonnet and hatches. 

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