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Willys MB Jeep +1/4 Ton Cargo Trailer - Lego compatible COBI 24192 - 190 brick light vehicle

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The Willys MB (or 'Jeep') was a light four-wheel drive utility vehicle, hundreds of thousands of which were manufactured 1941-45. It spawned several generations of light military vehicles. This model is towing a small cargo trailer.

This set includes two different Browning machine guns, sandbags, a barrel, a chest, barricade, a tree and a warning sign.

Additional accessories include binoculars, shovel and a rifle Thompson.

  • 190 blocks
  • 3 figures: 2 US soldiers, 1 dog
  • Block replica of weapons: Browning M2 & WZ.28 & M1917machine guns, Thompson submachine gun 
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions Jeep: 145mm x 70mm x 150mm (length x width x height)
  • Model dimensions Trailer: 114mm x 53mm x 43mm (length x width x height
Read more about the Willys MB Jeep at Wikipedia

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