M60 Patton - Lego compatible COBI 2233 - 605 brick main battle tank

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  • 605 bricks
  • 2 figures: American soldier & tank commander
  • Block replica of weapon: M16 rifle
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Dimensions: (length x width x height) 310mm x 120mm x 100mm

Developed from the M48 Patton, the M60 became America's primary main battle tank during the Cold War with over 15,000 built. Entering the field in 1960, it first saw combat with the Israeli Army in 1973 (the 'Yom Kippur' War) and later in 1982 in Lebanon. It was used by Iran in its war with Iraq in the 1980s. Its greatest use by US forces was in the 1991 Gulf War and, by 1997, it was retired and superseded by the M1 Abrams. However, modified and upgraded M60s still continue to be used today in the armies of a number of countries including Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia with over 3,000 units between them.

    read more about M60 Patton on Wikipedia


    Very detail and enjoyable to build.
    As the title says, it's very detailed and fun to build. The newer Cobi tanks seem to be in a better scale with each other than the older ones and have an engine made out of bricks (although in this set the engine is just a single brick).

    It is quite an interesting tank, with a 50cal machine gun mounted in a smaller turret on top of the ma

    in turret (tanks get a +1 coolness rating per turret they have).

    The hull of the tank is nice and chunky and feels very reminiscent of a ww2 heavy tank, compared to the sleek hulls of modern tanks, and the shape of the turret is well captured in the model.

    As usual, brilliant service and delivery, I would recommend - but beware, you might become addicted.

    Review by Jake on 27 Mar 2021

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