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Nebelwerfer Multiple Rocket Launcher - Lego compatible COBI 2182 - 100 brick artillery weapon

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The Nebelwerfer ('smoke mortar') was a German series of weapons developed for World War II. They were primarily intended to deliver poison gas, smoke and high explosive shells by the Wehrmacht's Nebeltruppen ('smoke troops'). At first, two different mortars were deployed but they were soon replaced by a variety of rocket launchers ranging in size from 15 to 32 centimetres. The rockets themselves had a thin skin and allowed larger quantities of gases, fluids or high-explosives to be delivered than artillery or even mortar shells of the same weight. Nebelwerfer were used in almost every campaign fought by the Wehrmacht in World War II. A version of the 21 cm calibre system was even adapted for air-to-air use against Allied bombers. Almost 5.5 million 15 cm rockets and 6,000 launchers were manufactured over the course of the war.

Note: this weapon was given its name to suggest to observers from the League of Nations looking for possible infractions of the Treaty of Versailles in the inter-war years that it was merely a device for creating a smoke screen.

The set includes 2 figures plus accessories.

  • 80 blocks
  • 2 figures – German artllerymen
  • Block replicas of weapons - Karibiner Mauser 98K rifle, Walther PP pistol
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks

    Watch build video of a Nebelwerfer Multiple Rocket Launcher

    Read more about the Nebelwerfer 41 at Wikipedia

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